At the moment, editing is only available on the PC version of Relative History. There is a further limitation in that it is only possible to edit and add the following data:

  • Repository records
  • Multimedia records
  • Source records
  • Repository citations
  • Source citations
  • Notes in any of the above

Existing data can be edited and new data can be added, but only within the above content. It is not yet possible, for example, to add a new multimedia record to a person. That functionality will be added once it becomes possible to edit that type of record.

The editing feature is enabled through an in-app purchase of the editing subscription. Please note that while editing functionality is incomplete, the editing subscription is free. The editing subscription lasts for 7 days. When all of the editing functionality has been completed, the editing subscription will last for a year and adverts will be turned off but pricing has not yet been finalised.

Editing an existing record

To edit an existing entry, open the bottom app bar by swiping up from the bottom of the screen with your finger or right-clicking with the mouse if you are using that. The app bar will then display an edit button.

Tapping on the button will open the edit window for the type of entry you are looking at.

To add information, simply tap on the appropriate Add button. You’ll either be taken to another page to provide the relevant information, or a pop-up will appear that you can fill in with the relevant information, or you’ll be guided through the process, e.g. when adding media.

To delete information, pull down on the item with your finger or right-click on the item with the mouse. The item will become selected and the app bar will appear so that you can see the Delete button. Tapping on the Delete button allows you to delete just the selected item or the complete record. When deleting an item, you will be advised that this is a permanent action.

When an item contains text, the editor will have Save/Discard buttons in the bottom right-hand corner. Changing text is not immediately saved to the database – that only happens when you tap on Save. Tapping on Discard throws away any text you have changed but does not reverse any other changes you have made, e.g. adding or deleting citations, notes, media, etc.