Once you have imported one or more GEDCOM files or a Relative History database, you can open one by tapping on it.

When you open a database for the first time that has been created from a GEDCOM file, and the file contains media records, you will be asked if you want to find the files associated with those records. If you tap Yes, you will be taken to the Manage Media page so that you can specify which folders should be used by the app to find and store media.

The app shows the most recently accessed entries for the categories of People, Families, Repositories, Source Records and Media, if records for those categories are present in the database. To see more records for a given category, tap on the heading for that category.

Again, the records are grouped and only the most recent records in each group are displayed. Tapping on the heading of a group this time will show all of the records in that group.

Please note that, for Repository and Source records, it is only possible to see the most recent records.

To see more information about an entry, tap on it. Depending on the information stored in the database, you may see other records being displayed, e.g. source record, which you can then navigate to in order to see that information.