The user interface for searching is slightly different for the phone compared to larger devices.

Searching on phones

To search a database, tap on the magnifying glass if it is available on the app bar at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to the Search page where you can start typing what you are looking for.

Searching on larger devices

To search a database, type in the text field in the top right corner of the screen where the magnifying glass is displayed.

Common user experience

In all cases, as you start typing, the app will start to display people or families whose names match the text you’ve typed.

If those results include the person or family you are looking for, tap on their name to be taken to their detail page.

Tapping instead on the magnifying glass will display a full set of search results which includes matches against names, addresses, repository names and text information in events.

On phones, you can filter the results to a specific type (e.g. events) by tapping on the filter button on the app bar and then choosing the desired type of information.

On larger devices, you can filter the results by tapping on the list of information types at the top of the screen.

As with elsewhere in the app, tapping on a search result itself takes to the appropriate detail page. Tapping on an event takes you to the person or family associated with that event, rather than the event itself. You can then see more details for the event by selecting the event on that page.